Welcome to our latest edition of What’s New From Malaysia! As Malaysia continues to ride on the crest of its economic growth, it has more innovative inventions than ever to offer the global market. In this issue, we feature everyday products such as user-friendly shower heaters with touch controls, eco-friendly LED lights, fuel and energy saving devices to heavy machinery such as the oil palm harvesting machine.

In the corporate world, the latest patent pending multiindexed access enables organisations to connect and communicate with stakeholders via the web. As constant hi-tech threats become synonymous with a borderless world, the e-Passport software developed by Extol Corporation provides the much-needed security in safeguarding sensitive data.

In the inside pages, you will also be able to read how Malaysian products with cutting-edge technology are revolutionizing the medical industry with speed and safety in surgeries, besides empowering us to monitor our health in a proactive manner. Hence, enabling us to take preventive measures in keeping diseases at bay.

We have also profiled in this publication, industrial products such as the harvesting machine and the skid systems integrator that maximise productivity, extend durability and are cost effective.

Besides focusing on modern technology such as the green technology and cutting-edge technology, this edition also highlights aesthetic values in the products as innovation progresses to the next level.

So folks, enjoy reading about these latest innovations and inventions!

Datuk Dr. Wong Lai Sum
Chief Executive Officer