As the Malaysian economy continues its robust growth into 2014, What’s New From Malaysia publication continues to showcase innovative products produced locally to further contribute to Malaysia’s highly open economy.

Among the latest inventions, an innovative product that should be of interest is the new life-saving electronic wearable device for diabetic patients. This device alerts others when the patients suffer a hypoglycemic attack. Another new product is the advanced clip-lock formwork system that can be installed at a faster speed. It is four times faster to install and uses less manpower than the conventional one. This is a major step forward in the construction industry as this system not only saves much time but also considerable cost.

The Technology and Design section brings us the smart vending solution that can be incorporated into vending machines to provide convenience to customers and operators alike. With its advanced multimedia features, this smart solution is likely to boost sales. A first in security surveillance is a two-way communication security camera with zero configuration and userfriendly features. On the industrial front, we have a trackless folding gate system that comes with enhanced privacy and security.

Shoppers today will have cause for celebration with user-friendly mobile interaction enabling them to access brand offers anywhere, anytime. Not forgetting our environment, we have featured the newest eco-friendly formulation to treat waste water effluent, besides starch without plastic constituents in producing films and bags that break down in cleaner ways.

As you will see in the inside pages, this edition also shines the spotlight on many other Malaysian innovations that would play a part in accelerating Malaysia’s economic growth. Salam Sejahtera and a Happy 2014 to you!

Datuk Dr. Wong Lai Sum
Chief Executive Officer