ceoMoving into the second half of 2014, What’s New From Malaysia publication continues its mission to showcase Malaysian innovation to the world, making the nation proud with various creations for personal, household and industrial use.

Real estate development industry experts would definitely appreciate the invention of a high-end patented prefabricated building system – the O-Stable Panel System. Allowing luxurious homes with attractive architectural designs to be constructed faster, with almost zero defects, the O-Stable Panel System is created for versatility to suit any layout and design required by architects.

For home owners, the INTRIX eCompact is a new generation multipoint tankless water heater that can put an end to the wait for water heater to heat up. This handy innovation is able to supply endless hot water to any outlet and eliminates the need for water storage while preventing leakage.

Another one of our innovative Malaysian product is Purasweet, a low calorie sweetener made using a uniquely designed process with sucralose. Harnessing the benefits of no-calorie sucralose with the taste and bulking characteristics of sugarcane sucrose, Purasweet is able to decrease the amount of sugar and calorie intake by 80%.

As you read through the pages of this edition of What’s New From Malaysia, you will see many new unique products and services from this year, putting Malaysia on the right track to fame in innovation. Salam Sejahtera and happy reading!

Datuk Dr. Wong Lai Sum
Chief Executive Officer