ceoWelcome to the latest edition of What’s New From Malaysia! Following Malaysia’s steady trajectory towards economic growth and continued efforts at achieving innovation, we are proud to showcase a brand new collection of products that cater to the needs of consumers from the industries to an individual.

One of our star highlights in this issue is the “FOBO Tire”, an ingenious and intelligent car tyre monitoring system that remotely tracks the temperature and pressure of your car tyres. It alerts you well in advance of any issues that may arise, thus providing the much-needed foresight when it comes to maintenance.

I personally call your attention to the HiJRAH Water Filtration Systems, which utilises the natural hydroxyapatite (HAp) compound extracted from the scales of the Tilapia fish, found abundantly in Asian waters. Most water filters on the market today contain carbon-based filters that may consist of bovine or porcine bone marrow extracts – elements that are impure to Muslims. Additionally, such filters may also pose health risks due to infectious animal diseases such as Mad Cow Disease or Foot and Mouth Disease. Not only are the fish scales Halal, but also perform better than HAp-based animal bones and sea shells in terms of its solubility.
Other note-worthy products include specialised diabetic shoes; the Qalamiy writing aid for children, stroke patients, or persons with special needs; Malaysia’s very own affordable, but quality comprehensive Antivirus & Internet Security for 2015; and the world’s smallest High-Definition surveillance camera.

As you will see in the following pages, there are a lot more new and interesting products from Malaysia that we are proud to share with the world.
So, settle down with a nice cup of coffee and enjoy what Malaysia has to offer!

Datuk Dr. Wong Lai Sum
Chief Executive Officer